Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Vatican to officially comment on apparitions of Medjugorje

H/t to Te Deum laudamus!

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medjugorje norman said...

medjugorje is true, i was cured of a growth their in year 2002,during an apparition with ivan and our lady, i was sat next to ivan during the apparition, i saw our blessed mother with my own eyes, i will never ever forget that moment, when i saw our lady, when i returned home, the same consultant who diagnosed the growth just one week before going to medjugorje, and at that diagnosis, he said that i had had this growth for a long time, on returning home the same consultant said it had gone, i had add no treatment for this problem, also the reason i didnt have any operation when first diagnosed, i was also diagnosed as suffering from diabetes at the same time, reason my operation never took place, they couldnt carry out the operation as my blood sugars where very high, the hospital let me go to medjugorje the following week on condition that i was given tablets for my diabetes and a finger pricking device to take my sugar readings, they told me on my return home from medjugorje and only when my sugar readings had come down , that the operation would take place, when i returned home from medjugorje, the growth had disappeared and no operation was necessary, the growth went at the time our blessed mother appeared to ivan, also fact a catholic priest who was with our group , also saw something very very special during the apperition, i shortly after the apparition ended with ivan and our blessed mother, told the people all around me , that the growth had gone, our blessed mother is appearing at medjugorje,and thats a fact.from norman holland, united kingdom.