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Belmont Abbey College Faces Persecution for Resisting Culture of Death

By TFP Student Action
November 05, 2009

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Belmont Abbey College may be forced to close its doors rather than provide contraceptive drugs, abortion services, and immoral procedures.

When officials of the small Catholic liberal arts college realized its employee health benefits plan accidentally included coverage for procedures which violate Catholic moral teaching, they swiftly cut the coverage.

Belmont Abbey president
Dr. William Thierfelder, president of Belmont Abbey

"As a Roman Catholic institution, Belmont Abbey College is not able to and will not offer nor subsidize medical services that contradict the clear teaching of the Catholic Church," said college president Dr. William Thierfelder.

Reacting against the decision, a handful of faculty members filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the North Carolina Department of Insurance. Although the EEOC of Charlotte dismissed the claims brought against the college in March, the federal EEOC bureau stepped in and reversed the decision in July, stating that Belmont Abbey College is guilty of discrimination, "because only females take oral prescription contraceptives."

The college has hired the Washington-based law firm, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty to defend itself, according to a recent press release.

According to The Becket Fund president and founder Kevin "Seamus" Hasson, Belmont Abbey’s appeal is a "very important part of a much larger battle" to protect "the good name of conscientious objection in America."

The Becket Fund and Belmont Abbey intend to vigorously resist "the EEOC’s action [as] a direct assault on the principle of conscientious objection itself." Dr. Thierfelder has said the school is "so resolute in our commitment to the teachings of the Catholic Church that there is no possible way we would ever deviate from it, and if it came down to it... we would close the school rather than give in..."

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