Thursday, April 3, 2008


St. Monica's Kneeler: Best Underappreciated Catholic Blog

Swissmiss wrote: "I just checked my stats (5:30pm on Thursday) and I have a steller showing at 15 votes. Holy cats, Batman! I didn't know that many people even read my blog! Considering that, aside from my husband and about two other people, no friends and family know I blog, I can't rally any troops to vote for me, so I'm SHOCKED that I have 15 votes. Thank you to whomever has voted for me!

If you haven't voted, head to the Crescat and check out the nominees."

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swissmiss said...

And I thought my post was shameless, but now this!!

Thanks, V, you really should be in marketing. The Russian menace theme is always a good choice.