Saturday, April 5, 2008

Divorce, Abortion an Offence to God, Pope Says

(AFP) Divorce and abortion are offences in the sight of God, Pope Benedict XVI charged Saturday, while calling on the Catholic Church to be merciful to those who had experienced such events.

"The ethical judgement of the Church on divorce and abortion is clear and well-known," he told participants in a Catholic congress on marriage and the family.

"They are serious offences... which violate human dignity, inflict deep injustice on human and social relations and offend God himself, guarantor of conjugal peace and origin of life," he said.

However he added that there were people who had committed such "errors" but "suffered from wounds to the soul" and "sought peace."

"The Church has the duty to be close to these people with love and delicacy," the pope added.

"Divorce and abortion are choices... which sometimes develop in difficult and dramatic circumstances... and are a source of profound suffering for those who take such decisions.

"They also affect innocent victims, the barely-conceived and unborn infant, the children caught up in divorces."


Anonymous said...

How in the world do you make a covenant promise in marriage--till death do you part--and then a few years later ask for a divorce? How absurd.

One of my friend's wife, "wants a divorce." She says she still loves my friend, but is not "in love." How absurd! People are so self-centered, self-absorbed, it's, "all about me." It's plain downright selfishness in both divorce and abortion!

Rob said...

Tara is exactly right. The desire for a divorce is not always mutual. I have tried to reconcile for two years, but have been unable to persuade her that love is more than a tingling feeling from the first few dates. All that is left is to continue to pray for her and keep the kids as healthy as I can. Thanks for all your prayers. Tara's friend.