Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

"Because of the Democratic Party's arcane proportional-representation rules, her win stands to give her a net gain of 10 to 15 delegates when all is counted. That means that Barack Obama will fall from a lead of 161 in elected delegates to about 145 or so. Big deal.

The primaries coming up in the next two weeks - Indiana and North Carolina - are likely to give Obama back a goodly portion of those delegates. By the time all the primaries have been held, after June 3, there is no doubt that Obama will lead by more than 100 elected delegates, and likely 150. From there, it will be an easy route to the nomination.

The Democratic superdelegates aren't about to risk a massive and sanguinary civil war by taking the nomination away from the candidate who won more elected delegates. If they ever tried it, we'd see a repeat of the demonstrations that smashed the 1968 Chicago convention and ruined Hubert Humphrey's chances of victory."


swissmiss said...

Yikes! I only saw the very last part of whatever movie D. Sutherland's character was from where he turns into one of these pod people. Pretty creepy, but then...

Dan Rather knows everyone :)

Vincenzo said...

Swissmiss, yeah, I recall seeing it
in the late 70s and it creeped me out.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

LOL! Actually, Donald should be pointing at Hilary and yelling!

I've long thought that Dan Rather is really a pod person.