Friday, April 4, 2008

Son Advertises For a Drinking Partner For His 88-year-old Father at £7 an Hour

From Mulier Fortis via Digital Hairshirt via The Daily Mail:

"When his father couldn't find anyone to enjoy a pint with, Jack Hammond's son decided to buy one for him.

A friend, that is, not a pint.

He has put a notice in the local post office advertising for someone to accompany his elderly father to the pub twice a week.

The successful applicant will get £7 an hour plus expenses and the promise of excellent conversation with 88-year-old Mr Hammond, a retired engineer."


Terry Nelson said...

I would love a job like that.

swissmiss said...

Too bad he doesn't live in MN or I'd apply.

Richard said...

The looter guy's missing from this picture. I envision him hanging out in the back hallway.