Saturday, April 12, 2008

USS Theodore Roosevelt

In related news, from St. Monica's Kneeler:
"What is it with the military lately? My brother, who is in the Army, is on his way to Iraq; Father Echert, Air Force, just got called up and is on his way to Germany; and, now my husband has to do a project for the Navy.

Not just any ol' project. He's supposed to design a robot that assembles the bombs on the aircraft carriers for the F/A-18s (believe that's the plane)."


swissmiss said...

Have you been on one of these carriers, V? Unbelievable. When we lived in WA, the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 74) was stationed in Everett and we got to go on tours fairly frequently. Also got to see just about every other vessel the Navy had, even a ragged old wooden mine sweeper than was going to be decommissioned. I had a friend who was a chemist on a nuclear sub and the stories he could tell. Not your "Mr. Roberts" Navy anymore...pretty sophisticated.

Vincenzo said...

No, but I'd love to take a tour some day. I've always wanted to see the inside of a sub too.

swissmiss said...

Speaking of the subs, there are bunks for the crew right next to and in between the torpedos! Put me on a carrier any day compared those a sardine cans!!