Sunday, April 27, 2008

Settling Scores

If Hillary Clinton finds a way to win, she'll have a long list of grudges and grievances.

Newsweek - Apr 25, 2008 | Updated: 3:14 p.m. ET Apr 25, 2008

"If the Clintons get back into the White House, it will be retribution time, like the Corleone family consolidating power in 'The Godfather,' where the watchword is, 'It's business, not personal...'

Notables who abandoned her for Obama will get the Big Chill. 'He's dead to us,' a Clinton aide was quoted saying of John Kerry, who along with Ted Kennedy was turned off by the perception of race baiting that led up to the South Carolina primary. A major donor, conflicted between the two candidates and apologetic over his backing of Obama, found Hillary less than sympathetic. 'Too bad for you, because I'm going to win,' she snapped..."

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