Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bishop Williamson to be Expelled from SSPX?

Rumor: According to the blog Avec l'Immaculée which cites the forum Un évêque s'est levé!,  allegedly Bishop Williamson was sent a letter by Bishop Fellay who informed Bishop Williamson that he had ten days to shut down his web site and  apologize for causing "confusion among priests and faithful of the SSPX" by "criticizing decisions of the chapter." The source indicates that if Bishop Williamson refuses, he will be "permanently excluded from the SSPX." (Google translation.)  The tenth day is tomorrow, October 14th.


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Frederick Jones said...

There are numerous books which give the adventure of the episcopi vagantes many of whom are quite extravagant in their professions of catholicity. What is new about this case?