Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On Men Who Conspicuously Don't Wear Neckties

By Ann Barnhardt @

Musloids believe that neckties are a symbol used by the infidel idolaters (Catholics) for the Cross of Christ, with the hanging-down part of the tie being the vertical beam of the Cross, and the bit around the neck being the horizontal beam of the Cross.

History says that neckties were first sported by Croatian soldiers during the Thirty Years War in the early 1600s, and that the French loved the look and picked up the trend. I agree. Neckties are awesome, and I wear them frequently - usually in pinks, pastels and florals, and always with a skirt. I wouldn't want anyone to think I was strange or confused, now would I? Wink.

I really don't care what the genesis of neckties is. What I care about is the fact that the musloids preach and teach the former. That's all that matters today. This is why the Iranian nutball Ahmadinejad is always wearing a sportcoat and dress shirt with no tie. This is why the nutty, evil black-Nazi Nation of Islam goons always wear those little bow ties. By not wearing neckties, they are, according to their code, telegraphing their hatred of Christianity, the Cross, and Jesus Christ Himself.

Any time you see a black supremacist, or a muslim, or a muslim sympathizer NOT wearing a necktie when standard convention says they should be wearing a necktie . . . understand and understand well that it is a very thinly-veiled coded message that they STAND WITH ISLAM and reject Christianity and "the white man". Take it to the bank.

They're counting on the fact that most people have no clue about the whole necktie thing and that it will all fly over everyone's heads.

Tee hee. Look at all of the stupid white Christians. I'll smack them and their white-boy "savior" across the face and they won't even know that I've done it.


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