Friday, October 5, 2012

Obama: How’s business? Business Owner: “Terrible since you got here”

(Battleground Watch) Here is the tweet sequence on the exchange this afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio where the shopkeeper tells Obama his appearance is killing his business:
Cue the face saving forced smile just like in the debates when tried to catch himself:
Something tells me this wasn’t “ha, ha” funny but more teeth grimacing gallows humor funny:

Ok, we can confirm this was not “ha, ha” funny. Direct from the restaurant/deli:
Reached by phone, a person at Rolston’s who did not give his name explained to POLITICO that the presidential visit had put a dent in sales.
“I couldn’t sell chicken for an hour. Now I can sell chicken. I got to go,” a man said before hanging up. He did mention that he shook Obama’s hand.

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