Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bishop Williamson Silenced by SSPX

(AFP) BERLIN - A breakaway ultra-conservative Catholic group ordered British bishop Richard Williamson not to speak in public or testify at his trial for denying the Holocaust, German media reported Thursday.

The secretary general of the Saint Pius X Society, Father Christian Thouvenot, wrote to Williamson, a leading member of the group, telling him to stop giving interviews or communicating publicly, according to the daily Tagesspiegel, which obtained a copy of the letter.

Williamson's lawyer, Matthias Lossman, on Wednesday confirmed that the bishop, who lives in London, would not attend his trial which opens in the southern German city of Regensburg on Friday.

The society told Williamson to "stop communicating by Internet, be it by blog, forum or via his web page," the Tagesspiegel said.
He has also been ordered not to give interviews on general issues, and only to speak on matters of faith after obtaining permission from the society...

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Pablo the Mexican said...

The wealthy donors of the SSPX are calling the shots, not the lead Bishop.

Bishop Fellay is only relaying the orders he gets from the SSPX benefactors.

If Bishop Fellay was standing on the Truth, he would not castigate Bishop Williamson.

When the heat was turned up by the wealthy donors, Bishop Fellay threw Bishop Williamson under the bus.

So much for Cor Unum. It must have stopped beating.