Friday, April 16, 2010

St. Padre Pio

If God wills to prolong our trials, do not let us lament or try to find out the reason. . .We have to see God through the fire of thorns, and to do this we must go barefoot and renounce our own will and affection and accept the will of God wholeheartedly. - St. Padre Pio


belinda said...

Oh now you've done it. Your honing in on my favorite saint. (I'm particularly fond of grouchy people)

I was going to write about this same post to you two days ago! I made a note in the car and I lost it but here's the gist..

It is the wise man indeed who accepts the will of God (I don't do it nicely without whining but thats another story)

God is so big and often we put him into a box in our minds and we say to ourselves- this is God, this is what he wants me to do, this is how he thinks , feels, loves, etc... but the thing is he's way too big for the box I put him in... I'm saying we have to be open to new posibilities he may have for us - new adventures. I'm not talking about false hope but the reality of something bigger than our mind can grasp.

My brother was (he thought) happily married for 10 years and one fine day he came home and the wife was gone, the step kid, the cat, the new car, and half of all of the appliances (snickering about the appliances) my brother was blown back to the ways of the cave man and his heart was broken.... In a year and a half God whipped him around like no one I've ever seen. My brothers life is TOTALLY different than it had been and for the first time in his life EVER he has found true joy and happiness at the age of 45.. and he didn't even imagine the possibilities of what God had in store for his life.

My other brother in law just got married last November and is so in love with his new wife... He was 52 and she was 48 and NEITHER had ever been married before....

I'm saying - no matter what, don't box up God,I know him and he still has some wonderful things up his sleeves.( it doesn't have to be ALL about suffering) however he may want you to step away from the computer to go and find it....

Still praying.. God bless you.

belinda said...

I hope you know I wasn't trying to be a smart ass with my comments. Just so you know. I hope I didn't come off that way.

Vincenzo said...

Belinda, thank you for your wonderful comment and God bless you too.

"I hope I didn't come off that way."

No you didn't.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Love the Padre!
Amen. Alleluia!
Thanks, V!

belinda said...

(Vince, do you remember ever seeing dracula in reference to those Medjugorje people?)

I wrote on the sidebar of my blog page...

"Maybe we should wait until they're approved first." refering to the Medjugorje visionaries.

I thought I had made it up but now I think my mind is goofing with me and perhaps I had seen this somewhere before and unintentionally lifted it from someone elses blog. If you recall seeing it anywhere else would you please tell me so I can delete it?
Thank you.

Vincenzo said...

No I don't remember seeing anything like that.