Wednesday, April 21, 2010


If it weren’t tyranny, it would be funny. 

But it is tyranny, so it’s not. 

The Obama Administration has claimed for itself the right to determine how much salt is in your food. In this last area of personal choice – taste – you have lost your choice.
Or at least you will. 

Under a plan being floated by the Obama Food and Drug Administration, the federal government will set salt levels in food the same way it sets emission levels for cars. In the name of protecting you, the government will enslave you. 

And it will order food companies to systematically reduce the amount of salt in their products over the next 10 years. Like the proverbial frog in the pan of water, the regulations will become more stringent incrementally, in the belief that the American palate will adjust and comply.
Ten percent of the population is sensitive to sodium. One hundred percent of the population will suffer. Your bottle of V8 or can of Beef-A-Roni, the peas on your shelf and the bacon in your refrigerator, the ham at Easter and the hotdogs on the grill. All of these and thousands of others, prepared and marketed now to please the taste buds and attract the customers, will be bastardized tomorrow to bend to the dictate of government...

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