Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Cake - how sweet it is."
By Belinda

"....Once I had scoffed and said, 'God, if your for real then send me a flower vase just like my broken  Madonna and Christ child flower vase  that sits in my kitchen window only the one you send can't be cracked and it has to be smaller to fit on the window ledge better and I want  it for a quarter'..... I laughed and said, 'Good luck with that.' (I never speak to him in that tone anymore and I always say please and thank you)

As I purchased my perfect  Madonna and Christ flower vase - for a quarter, I rambled on and on in public saying ... 'I can't believe God did this!' 'I just can't believe it!' I walked back to my car and cried because it occured to me that not only did God hear me but he also cared about me but what I thought next put me into a cold sweat, 'Oh, God,  then I suppose you've heard everything I've ever said or thought too!  I cried some more only those tears were mostly from  the realization of 'Oh, crap I'm in big trouble."


belinda said...

Thank you for the shout out. I couldn't figure out why I had two extra blog readers yesterday. hahaha -up from 4.

It's true though I thought- "Oh, crap, I'm in big trouble here!"
Hey, I wanted to mention to you Miss Debbie Drake over on my blog and I thought you would perhaps enjoy a local gym membership..

Go,go,go , run to your local gym.... see what I'm talking about!Hurry, your wasting time reading this.

*I'm here for my blogger buddies.
The word verification is "slyman" hahahaha See even God is saying to sneak over to your local gym!

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Yeah, belinda.
God hears it all, I'm afraid.
And in family life or religious community...they seem to figure it out, as well.
No hiding, nope, Uh uh.