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USCCB Catholic Relief Services Special Report Episode of the Vortex

Special Report - Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Hello everyone and welcome to the Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed ..

I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Vatican City with this special report.

Some kind of institutional schizophrenia has apparently seized hold at the American Bishops headquarters in Washington DC – and its being recognized over here in Rome.

It was recently reported by the wonderful folks at Life Site News that the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops “official overseas relief and development agency” .. Catholic Relief Services recently doled out over 5 million dollars to CARE .. “an international “relief and development organization” which actively promotes contraception around the world.

Let’s boil it down .. The US bishops are suing over the Obamacare mandate in the United States because it forces health insurance payments for contraception. YET .. OUTSIDE the United States they are handing money to international organizations that promote and advance contraception .. the very thing they are fighting AGAINST on the other side of the Atlantic.

What in the heck is going on at USCCB headquarters. When Our Blessed Lord said .. do not let you right hand know what your left hand is doing .. it’s pretty certain THIS is not what He was talking about.

For years .. decades actually many people have been questioning the whole purpose of the USCCB .. its reason for being. For many on the outside .. it’s this massive 140 million dollar a year bureaucracy that is completely mysterious in its inner workings.

Apparently .. it mysterious for the people who work on the inside as well. Listen to the excuse or reason that the Communications Director of the CRS gave for handing 5 point 3 million dollars to a pro-contraception international organization.

John Rivera said CRS doesn’t so much give the money to the organization as act as a “passthrough” for federal funding to such groups, and that the money is given only to projects in line with Catholic teaching.

Oh. So unlike the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Office at USCCB headquarters which gives Catholic collection plate money DIRECTLY to pro-gay, pro-abortion, prohomosexual groups as has been for years .. this is different because CRS is just funneling your government tax dollars to the group. GOOOT IITT!!!

Just for the record .. how is that ONE BIT DIFFERENT than what Obama is doing already .. sending Hilary Clinton around the globe with sacks of cash for governments that will promote contraception? Seriously.

When asked further why it was OK to give money to CARE .. Rivera basically responded that CARE does all kinds of work .. not JUST promote contraception. Uh What!?! Yea. An Mussolini got the trains to run on time and Hitler built good roads. C’Mon!

This whole embarrassing and scandalous episode .. which folks in Rome have become aware of .. is just one more example of how the Church in America has totally sub-contracted the business of the corporal works of mercy to the US government.

It’s also demonstrative of the institutional madness that keeps occurring at the Bishop Headquarters when the lay .. mostly liberal staffers are running the show. Exactly who is Communications Director John Rivera speaking for when he says this practice is perfectly acceptable and moral?

The national conference seems to be unhinged. Take for example Obamacare. During the debate in Congress the Bishops conference was voicing full throated support for national health insurance. The all of a sudden .. when the truth abut abortion funding came out .. they slammed on the brakes.

Didn’t anyone at the conference READ the legislation before telling the bishops to back it?

Obviously they were too busy looking for the next liberal cause to fund.

Then .. when Obama came out with his HHS mandate .. again .. total shock and awe at USCCB Headquarters .. again .. is no one reading this stuff and strategizing BEFORE the disaster hits?

But we see this in microcosm in many different diocese round the States.

Who could forget the debacle that was gay marriage in New York? Cardinal Dolan said in a TV interview AFTER the fact that the bishops of New York were caught totally off guard by the passage of gay marriage .. led by Catholic governor Andrew Cuomo and finally championed by the votes of two Knights of Columbus state assemblymen.

He said .. they had been misled or relied on bad advice from their counselors who said gay marriage didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. Really? When every public poll showed support for it and the governor had campaigned ferociously on this very point. Not the slimmest chance of passing? Not even enough to fake mustering some kind of assault?

"We must not forget that episcopal conferences have no theological basis, they do not belong to the structure of the Church, as willed by Christ, that cannot be eliminated; they have only a practical, concrete function. [....] No episcopal conference, as such, has a teaching mission; its documents have no weight of their own, save that of their consent by the individual bishops.”
- Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
At every turn .. practically every week .. USCCB liberals are publishing statements about the economy .. immigration .. social justice .. blah blah blah. At the same time .. some other office down the hall is handing money out the door to pro-contraception groups.

Just who runs the USCCB? Who makes the decisions? Who sets policy? More importantly – who enforces policy? Who follows up? Does anyone on staff have to take an oath of loyalty to the Faith? Does anyone care?

In the bishops’ lawsuits against Obamacare and the HHS mandate promoting contraception .. it would be interesting to see how much money is being paid to Church lawyers for their services and then compare that number to the 5 million the CRS is paying out to pro-contraception agencies?

Perhaps this is a good time to scrub the whole thing .. re-think exactly what the mission of the organization should be and start over .. if that.

As long as this staff-led nuttiness continues to reign supreme and the forthcoming explanations from lay staff are just as spacey .. the moral authority of the bishops will continue to be sneered at and made fun of .. and that is a situation that Catholics today can simply not brook.

GOD Love you ..

I’m Michael Voris.


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