Thursday, July 26, 2012

Father Leo Franklin McNamara

"The following is taken from a discourse given by one of the Faithful.

Father McNamara had the stigmata.

The crucifix pictured is the one that bled on several occasions.

For your consideration:

Fr. McNamara slept on a daybed, lived in a loft at St. Adrian’s Church, not in the rectory.
He did not eat meat for 45 years, never had a housekeeper.  Was always faithful to his priestly vows and the true Mass.

Ordained in Rome on July 6, 1913, first Mass on July 7, 1913
In 1928 he was assigned to St. Adrian’s parish in south Chicago.  Established a beautiful church and school.  Remained there until death on October 26, 1973..." (continued)

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Ann Anzul said...

Thank you so much for sharing this blog. I'd never heard of this priest.