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Sola Scriptura: Insanity and Spiritual Suicide

The Bible and the Devil

Hello everyone and welcome to The Vortex where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed. I’m Michael Voris coming to you from Trent Italy .. home of the Council of Trent in the middle of the 16th century.

So .. say you are devil and you want to deliver a massive body blow to the Church. And lets say further you are operating in the 16th century at a low point in the Church’s history when many of her leaders are corrupt and unscrupulous. Hmmm … what could you do?

Well .. one thing you could do is to step up your efforts you have been trying since the days of the Apostles .. do whatever you can to create division among the followers of Christ. And what better way to create confusion .. to manufacture chaos than to come up with a way to have all kinds of different people interpreting the scriptures in all kinds of different ways.

Pretty clever huh? Well that’s exactly what the destroyer did .. using Martin Luther .. a priest no less. He seems to have a special relish for using clergy .. the ordained .. to get the ball rolling.

Martin Luther came up with the craziest notion in Christianity up to that point .. that the scriptures were the only thing necessary .. the only authority when it came to salvation. He did this .. actually HAD to arrive at this conclusion because he had spent some considerable investment of energies saying the Church was a sham .. the Pope the anti-Christ .. the Mass an abomination and so on.

After all his fulminating against anything and everything Catholic .. the only thing left to him was the Bible. So having destroyed every other access to truth .. he had nothing left except the bible.

The phrase that became associated with this insanity and spiritual suicide was Sola Scriptura .. Scriptures Alone. Luther concluded that the Scriptures alone could be the source of authority when dealing with matters spiritual.

His idea has gained wide currency among most protestants today .. prompting the ignorant question whenever Church teachings come up .. Where’s That in the Bible?

But before we get into the theological nuttiness of that position .. let’s look at what else Luther said and DID with the Bible.

Now .. its important to remember that before Luther arrives on the scene FIFTEEN HUNDRED YEARS .. ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED YEARS .. 15 CENTURIES after the Catholic Church was established .. the Church already had a complete canon of scripture.

It was that canon of Scripture that St. Jerome translated from Greek into Latin around the year 400 .. ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED YEARS before Luther appeared on the scene.

It was this canon of scripture that monks faithfully transcribed for centuries before Luther was ever heard of. That Bible was called The Vulgate .. meaning common tongue and it was used in Mass and for the psalms and preaching by saints all over Europe for over a THOUSAND YEARS before Luther was ever heard of.

So .. in the early part of the 16th century .. along comes this German priest who decides ALL BY HIMSELF .. something that had never before been heard of in 1500 years of Christian Faith .. that ONE .. the BIBLE in use for over a thousand years was WRONG .. AND TWO .. it was the only authority for the faithful.

First .. he threw out seven books from the Old Testament .. declaring on nothing but his own authority .. that they were not inspired .. despite the fact that some of them contain prophecies about Our Lord’s Passion.

But he wasn’t about to stop there .. he also wanted to pitch quite a few New Testament books as well .. including the Book of Revelation.

As a quick aside .. imagine the pitiful state Protestant preachers who talk non stop aboutthe end of the world and have made a career de-coding the Book of Revelation .. imagine where they would be if Luther had gotten his way and tossed Revelation into the trash.

It was only his friends who convinced him to keep it .. along with at least half a dozen
other books of the New Testament.

By the way .. if you want to know some of this more in depth .. we’ve created awonderful video collection called Where Did The Bible Come From? It’s an excellent video set if we say so ourselves and information no Catholic should be without .. we’ve attached a link with more info.

But back to the point .. Luther’s new Bible was not only a fraud totally manufactured out of thin air and rejecting of over a thousand years of accepted understanding an settled practice among ALL the faithful .. but even more damaging was his ridiculous notion that the Bible is or could ever be the Sole Authority.

The reason? Because no book can interpret itself. No book. When disputes come up about what this passage or that passage means .. there has to be an authority OUTSIDE the book itself to settle it.

Since Luther had said the Pope and the Catholic Church are frauds and had no authority .. it fell to whoever was reading the Bible to decide for themselves. He said .. the Holy Spirit would guide them. That’s not only stupid .. its laughable .. as history has proved.

If he Holy Spirit guided everyone to correctly interpret the Bible .. then why are there so many COMPETING interpretations .. even among Protestants. Evangelicals say such and such a passage mans one thing .. Methodists say it means something else and Fundamentalists say something entirely different from the others.

What Luther set in motion was the loss of faith by tens of millions and total confusion among tens of others of millions who cant possibly be certain if there personal opinion of Scripture is right or wrong. How could they ever know?

So what we have is millions of people deciding for themselves if divorce and remarriage is good or sinful .. homosexual acts .. contraception .. sex before marriage and a hundred other things .. like did Jesus really rise from the dead .. did he perform miracles and on and on.

Looking down the road and seeing the chaos that would result from this .. the bishops scholars and theologians at the Council of Trent .. right in this cathedral .. solemnly declared Luther’s understanding of Scripture totally wrong and condemned his and any other Bibles that were not the original Bible.

They denounced and condemned the idea that the Bible was the sole authority for determining the truth of Christ and re-asserted that only the Catholic Church could authentically interpret the Scriptures.

It was in direct response to Luther’s multiple heresies and the others that had popped up in their wake that the Council of Trent was called. By the time that the Council closed .. John Calvin’s craziness had spread through central Europe .. Elizabeth had launched her campaign of terror against the Church in England and heretical fires had blazed up all over the continent.

Trent became the clarion call for the Church to begin to fight back and launch what became known as the Counter-Reformation .. and as we witness first hand the pit into which the Church has fallen these past fifty years .. perhaps we can hope for another Trent-like event to fight the Protestantism which has seeped into the Church .. this time under the name of Modernism.

GOD Love you,

I’m Michael Voris

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