Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Secular Songs That Could be Heard With a Catholic Interpretation

By Ann Barnhardt at Barnhardt.biz

Funny story. Back in 2008 I taught a cattle marketing school in Brandon, Manitoba. I flew into Winnepeg, rented an SUV and drove the Trans-Canada Highway due west to Brandon. As I recall, it was approximately 6 degrees above . . . Kelvin. Chilly. A little nippy.

Anyway, the SUV had Sirius satellite radio, and I turned it on and it just happened to turn on to the Catholic station, which I had never heard before. Even better, the show that was on was a talk show hosted by a guy and a girl, and the topic of the day was secular songs that could be heard with a Catholic interpretation.

People would call in, they would play the song, and then talk about it. Well, the calls were okay but not great, and naturally I was all over this topic, so I whipped out my phone, saw that I had bars, and proceeded to dial the toll-free number.

Long story short, I blew their minds with this song, did a little preachin', had a few laughs, called the guy host "baby" in some benign context as was my tendency to do ("rock on, baby" or something like that - I can't exactly remember) and hung up. Knowing that radio is done on a tape delay, I turned up the speakers in the SUV to listen to the end of the conversation on the delay.

Er, it turned out that the "guy host" was er, FATHER guy host, whom I had just called "baby" on satellite radio. Oh, they got quite a kick out of that.

I didn't know. Had I known, I would have called him "Father Baby." Yikes.

So, not only did I call a priest "baby", but I also did it UNVEILED. (Shout out to kooky dude who obsesses about my head coverage!)

The song that I killed 'em with on the Trans-Canada Highway?

"Walk Right Back"

"I want you to tell Me why you walked out on Me"
{This is God calling us to confession. I want you to TELL ME.}

"I'm so lonesome every day"
{God mourns lost souls personally}

"I want you to know that since you walked out on Me"
{The "walking out" was the Fall, and our personal sin}

"Nothing seems to be the same old way"
{Hence God's plan to send His Son to restore and redeem mankind so that we could be together in the "same old way"}

"Think about the love that burns within My Heart for you"
{The Sacred Heart of Jesus}

"The good times we had before you went away, oh, Me"
{The time before the Fall and the times we have been in a state of grace personally. When humans sigh, they say, "Oh, God." When God sighs He says, "Oh, Me." Wink.}

"Walk right back to Me this minute, bring your love to Me don't send it"
{The call to the Eucharist, wherein we literally walk down the aisle to Him and personally, physically present ourselves to Him in nuptial union and adoration}

"I'm so lonesome everyday"
{He's BEGGING you}

The only thing wrong with this is that the Everlys sing in high, lonesome Kentucky two-part harmony, and everyone knows that God Almighty sings in three-part harmony. Wink.


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