Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Armed Agents Bust Raw Milk & Cheese Sellers


"UPDATE: We have learned that in addition to James Stewart, two other people have been arrested in this raid and are being charged with conspiracy to sell unpasteurized raw milk products. Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farms is currently in jail, with bond set at $120,000. Palmer was featured in the documentary Farmageddon. Victoria Bloch, an L.A. county liaison for the Weston A. Price Foundation has also been arrested.

Activists are planning a protest tomorrow morning outside the L.A. county courthouse (details pending) to send a strong message that we have a right to healthy, natural foods. Help rally people to this cause, tell people about this outrageous and backwards persecution and fight for our natural rights. Check back at and Natural for further updates."


Pablo the Mexican said...

It is good these law enforcement guys are being deployed against disarmed American milking girls and cheese makers.

It they went after the Mexican Mafia Drug Cartel, they could get hurt.


Adrienne said...

You may want to read this: