Monday, August 8, 2011

Silver and Gold I Have None

From WDTPRS, a piece at Fr. Longenecker's Standing on My Head:
It was on the way home that the phrase, “Silver and gold I have none” kept echoing through my brain and I realized that the Holy Spirit was speaking to me about the poor. I don’t have the resources to help them as I would wish. However, what do I have? I have the same apostolic faith of Peter and James. I can best serve them as a priest.
"It’s worth the read, and it echoes my sentiments as well.

Each of us has a vocation.  When we live that vocation as best as possible, listening to God also in prayer about what perhaps must be changed or renewed, then God will work through us and give us all the actual graces we need to do His will and  strive for -by His merits – our salvation.  Why will God help us in this way?  If we are true to our state-in-life as it is here and now, then we are playing the role God gave us from before the creation of the world.  He knew everyone of us before the creation of the universe.  Of all the possible worlds He could have created, He created this one and you are part of His plan.
With God’s help we do what we can do and God will provide.
Fraternal kudos to Fr. Longenecker." - Fr. Z

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