Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Prayer Request From Father Trigilio

From Fr. Trigilio:

[Fr+John+Trigilio.jpg]"Sorry for the brief hiatus from the blogoshere. I was in Erie all last week to visit my mom and to preach the Days of Prayer Novena for the discalced Carmelite nuns (also in Erie). My mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday to have an EKG. She had an MRI and CAT scan last month which came back negative for stroke (Deo gratias). However, she has been having dizzy spells and has fallen several times. Her doctors suspect that is is her meds for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and glaucoma. All this week she has been fatigued, so the ECG was done to see if she has a heart murmur.

Needless to say, I appreciate any and all prayers for my mother. She buried three of her five children and then her loving husband of 39 years. Then four of her six siblings died in just a sequence of several months.

Being the head nurse of the Trauma Center / Emergency Room for more than 40 years did large damage to her spine, so she is also on cortisone shots to help alleviate some of the chronic pain she experiences in addition to her other ailments. While home last week, she fell at the Novena and hit her head.  I am stationed more than 300 miles away in another diocese.

I visited Father Bob Levis (who also lives in Erie).  He is in a nursing home. Needs a walker to get around since his nasty fall at Christmas time which gave him a cuncushion.  Since then, he fell a few more times. Fr. Bob turned 89 this summer and is still very much alive but has been grounded for health reasons. Hence, you won't see him on EWTN as much or at conferecences, workshops or conventions but know he is still very much among the living but in need of your prayers. He has never been so confined and constrained from getting around. He has been independent 88 years and now he needs assisted living.

Thank you and God bless you and Mary keep you"

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