Friday, August 6, 2010

Medjugorje: I. Introduction and Outline

The Long Suffering Writer, a former believer in the Medjugorje phenomena who is now a skeptic, is writing a seven part series on the subject.  Part 1:
"...(c) Fallacies. One of the main things that sticks out to me when discussing this issue or following such discussions is the fallacies I see being committed by people from both sides. Speaking as a Medjugorje sceptic, the most common fallacies I see from Medjugorje believers include ad hominem attacks (especially on the Bishop of Mostar), red herrings or smokescreens, appeals to emotion, straw men, and personal anecdotes as an argument in itself rather than in support of an argument (ie. “I know a friend who was converted at Medjugorje, and therefore I know it is true and you should acknowledge it too”). You will see many such examples in this paper. [ie] The proper way to respond to the Bishop of Mostar’s charges as found in his work, The Truth About Medjugorje, is not to say he is biased, impious, or operates from nefarious motives. The proper way to respond to his charges is to respond blow by blow to his objections..."

Medjugorje I - Introduction and Outline
Medjugorje II - Weak Objections Against Authenticity
Medjugorje III - Weak Objections For Authenticity
Medjugorje IV - Obedience and Disobedience
Medjugorje V - Other Arguments, Clues, and Problems Pointing Against Authenticity
Medjugorje VI - Satan's Motives
Medjugorje VII - God's Motives

h/t Chonak