Friday, August 13, 2010

"I'm begging you with every cell in my body, please, pleeease, stop being stupid - stop it now."

"Men, you're slowly becoming out of fashion as many women feel you're not a necessary component in child rearing anymore but fortunately for you, children and God will always disagree."


belinda said...


My family has gathered around your blog post this evening like in the olden days when families would have encircled a camp fire.

Your blog is cheaper than camp fees.

Thanks for the shout out.

Vincenzo said...

Welcome, great post. LOL @ your new avatar.

Fr. John Mary, ISJ said...

Oh, frick!
Jennifer Annisten and what's his face Bateman need somebody to knock their heads together...and preach the Good News!
How absolutely disgusting...
I do wonder what a child "conceived" in this manner must wonder about himself/herself...about Mum and Da...about the whole thing.
I can't fathom this...
The JR Terrier avatar must take over...he's just afraid of thunderstorms and door bells:<)!

belinda said...

Vince, I was so sick of that face/avatar. I'm going to change it again with a viewmaster view of me - Mostly hidden.

Father, The door bell too?!

Because of the lightening our black lab jumped in bed and on top of our 11 year old daughter last night. The poor kid came down stairs around midnight complaining about the dog and speaking to him in a syrupy sweet voice like a baby. The dog in return complained about the kid and spoke like Homer Simpson.