Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Bar Association Backs Same-Sex Marriage

San Francisco (AP) - The country's largest lawyers' group has backed a resolution calling on all state legislatures to let same-sex couples get married.

The American Bar Association voted at its annual meeting Tuesday in San Francisco to support the measure sponsored by the New York State Bar Association.

New York State Bar Association President Stephen P. Younger says the resolution passed overwhelmingly, with only one speaker voicing opposition during debate.

The ABA's approval comes days after a federal judge in San Francisco struck down California's voter-approved same-sex marriage ban. Younger says the timing of the ABA's vote is a coincidence...

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Marilyn Heller said...

It's so discouraging. I'm a member of the New York State Bar Association, but only so I can keep up with issues related to my area of practice. I will not join the American Bar Association. They began going downhill when they voted to support the right to abortion.