Sunday, May 2, 2010

Men of the same cloth?: Old priests vs. new priests

Christina Capecchi

As wing tips and clerical collars replace sandals and golf shirts, parishes react to a new style of priest.
"Kasel suspects a few families left St. Charles because of his emphasis on male altar servers. His unflinching objection to contraception, a point he’s raised at the pulpit, hasn’t won him many popularity points either. He thinks it’s difficult for parishioners who are used to hearing thoughtful but palatable proverbs to adjust to sermons on the pill and natural law.

“I wasn’t picking a fight,” Kasel says, 'but I was saying, 'This is what the church teaches,’ and I was doing it in a gentle way, a loving but forthright way. There’s not a lot of wiggle room to it..."

Though about 20 families have left St. Charles, he says even more have joined. He’s not dwelling on the past, but he hasn’t forgotten the push-back he experienced from some parishioners...."


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    Great article - Fr. Kasel is one of "our guys" - he is a wonderful man.