Monday, May 17, 2010

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed

From Planet Oddity:

What does a true geek sleep on? A true geek bed has to be the Millennium Falcon Bed. Yes, Kyla Kromer has done it again; she has created a star wars fans ultimate dream bed-The Millennium Falcon Bed. Though her earlier innovation-a delicious Hamburger bed was much appreciated but her latest Star Wars bed has broken all her past records.
millennium falcon bed 1
As Kayla Kromer introduces her creation, she can be seen dressed in a hot outfit lying on a bed which looks like a Falcon from star wars. The pictures of the Millennium Falcon bed instantly take you into the Star Wars world. The LED lights placed in a circle around the falcon bed complete the hyperspace effect.
millennium falcon bed 2
millennium falcon bed 3
millennium falcon bed 4
Other effects include, pillows looking like radar dishes and there are headlights too.
millennium falcon bed 5
millennium falcon bed 7
millennium falcon bed 8
Typical to Star Wars, the bed has many hidden compartments for storing everyday needs. What’s a Flacon without a cockpit? You name it and you have it, there is a special cockpit space for your favorite action heroes.
millennium falcon bed 9
millennium falcon bed 10
millennium falcon bed 11
millennium falcon bed 12
The whole bed, with its special features has the complete look and feel of a star war bed. So go ahead, and get yourself a Millennium Falcon bed and zoom into space on a star wars mission.

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