Monday, May 31, 2010

Medjugorje : Bishop Ratko Peric's Confirmation Sermon

Official translation now up at Diane's blog (click here).

Bishop Ratko Peric in Medjugorje - 05/29/10 (via Google translation):

"Finally a word about cima Franciscans. Thank you for your pastoral work in this parish. You are a gift to the Church Order of the Church of God. So stick to the order of the Church in this parish in the diocese, as the Church expects from you. None of the competent ecclesiastical authority is not none of you nor anyone else, authorized or charged to the Holy Mass in the church and even preached about the "apparitions" which are not confirmed. Moreover, it was confirmed that, based on professional research and bishops statement can not talk about supernatural apparitions and revelations. ( 1 Tim 1,15). If the Holy Father Pope tomorrow brings a different approach than what has been until now, we keep the attitude the Church, convinced that the "Church of the living God, pillar and stronghold of the truth" (1 Tim 1:15). So everything I do now with the responsibility of this place spoke to today affirm and expect to be adhered to church!
Let us all help the Holy Spirit!"

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Jacobitess said...

Take one long look at all approved apparitions and one will quickly be confronted with one common characteristic amongst the seers: respect for Church authority! Medjugorje has wrought enough scandal in the Church to make me convinced it is not merely a fraud, but also demonic. It is time laypeope, *and* clergy, stopped frequenting a shrine in defiance of the Bishop, whom the Vatican backs by default in such cases. John Paul II deliberately ignored this site, the great Marian Pope, and Benedict XVI has defrocked the Franciscan ringleader. Catholics that are truly of good faith need to wake up.