Monday, May 17, 2010

Groups boycott Austin over Austin's boycott of Arizona

(News 8 Austin) The Hood County Republican Party announced in a statement this weekend that it would boycott the City of Austin in response to the city's resolution to boycott Arizona.

Austin City Council passed a measure last Thursday, boycotting city employee travel to Arizona in response to the state's new immigration law. The law requires law enforcement to determine the immigration status of anyone a law enforcement official suspects of being in the country illegally.

Council members said the law condones racial profiling and said they want to make sure city employees aren't unfairly detained while on official business.

Hood County Republican Chairman Randy Shelton issued a statement saying he contacted the office of Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell to notify him the Hood County Republican Party would not do any business with the City of Austin.

The move by the Hood County Republican Party comes alongside a similar plea from the Burleson Tea Party.
"You discriminate against the great people of Arizona and against federal law being enforced by the great state of Arizona, through their own state law! Prepare to have the favor of a boycott returned against Austin," Burleson Tea Party Chairman Angela Cox said...

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Civil war 2011, on it's way!