Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Barbecuers destroyed new pagans' temple as they mistook it for pile of logs

Moscow, May 18, Interfax – A family party searched for a place to make barbecue and finally settled at a site that turned out to be a temple of new pagans in the Kaluga Region. Besides, they decided to use its elements for making fire.

However, representatives of the pagan community were vigilant and soon their dean with a camera and traumatic pistol arrived at the site, co-chairman of the international pagan movement told Interfax-Religion.

He said that the tourists should leave the shrine and started making pictures of inflicted damage. However, by that time holidaymakers were well settled: they set up a grill, made fire and were not willing to leave the place.

Besides, the barbecuers were not ready for a photosession and threatened to confiscate the camera from the dean. In response, the community official said he would use his traumatic pistol and actually did it when he understood that didn't manage to scare anyone.

Later the dean was taken to the local hospital as his eye ball was damaged. One of the holiday maker suffered a gun wound of the leg.

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