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Ignatius Press & Catholic Truth Society launch new joint international apostolate

American-UK Alliance Backs Work of New Vatican Evangelization Office

SAN FRANCISCO, May 3, 2010 – Anticipating the announcement of a new Vatican office to promote the New Evangelization, Ignatius Press and the UK’s Catholic Truth Society (CTS) have launched a program to make the Catholic faith more widely-known throughout North America.  This new joint international apostolate will conveniently and cost-effectively provide CTS’s popular booklets to parishes and other Catholic outlets.

Some People Know Less Than They Think They Do

Evangelization and catechesis are two key elements of the Church’s mission today, according to many observers, but the Church faces a number of obstacles to carrying out her mission.  Many people do not understand Christianity but they think they do.  Some think Catholicism has been discredited by recent scandals. Ignatius Press and CTS are helping parishes, other Catholic groups, and individual Catholics counter mistaken ideas about the Catholic Church by using CTS’s highly-readable, cost-effective booklets, which cover Catholic doctrine, morality, prayer, and various hot topics of current discussion.

Ironically, it was Protestant tract societies in the U.S. that inspired CTS in England over 140 years ago to launch its publishing program.  Yet, until now, CTS has had little presence in the U.S. and Canada.  Ignatius Press, the primary English-language publisher of Pope Benedict XVI’s works, is employing its vast distribution system and marketing network to promote and to distribute CTS booklets far and wide.  The new program will initially focus on parish-based distribution, adding Catholic bookstores and other Catholic organizations in due course.

A Vast Collaboration

Ultimately, Ignatius Press-CTS envision a vast collaboration with diocesan and parish leadership lay evangelization teams, Catholic bookstores, other apostolates, and Catholics in the pews, all distributing Catholic booklets to practicing Catholics, inactive Catholics, and non-Catholics.

“These booklets are truly outstanding,” says Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, editor and founder of Ignatius Press.  “They are concise, clear, readable, and rooted in Catholic teaching and tradition.  They will be a source of spiritual growth and understanding of the faith for all who read them.  Plus, many of the booklets are superb for giving to non-Catholics and former Catholics.”

“As someone who passes out tracts, has done street-corner evangelization and apologetics, and routinely explains the Catholic faith to both hostile and sympathetic audiences, I’m excited that Ignatius Press is working with CTS to distribute their superb booklets,” says Mark Brumley, President of Ignatius Press.  “These booklets are extremely effective apologetics and evangelization tools.  I use them to evangelize—it’s easy. They’re great pass-along items.”

Popular Titles

Forty popular titles make up the initial set of CTS booklets offered by the program.  Two starter sets of titles are available—a 12-Title Set and a 24-Title Set, with five booklets per title in each set.  Along with a selection of CTS booklets tailored for the American and Canadian audiences, Ignatius Press provides attractive, inexpensive display racks—a desk-top/or wall-mount small display (holds 12 titles), a floor-standing large display (holds 24 titles), and a wall-mount large display (holds 24 titles).

Those who purchase any display rack get a 50% discount on their accompanying order of CTS booklets.  Otherwise, parishes purchase booklets at a 25% discount.  Booklets are made available in the back of churches and elsewhere for donation, or resale.

The program also includes the option of providing a selection of Ignatius Press’ inexpensive but full-length books on spiritual and apologetical themes.

Starter sets of 12 or 24 titles, individual title packets, Ignatius Press special books, and IP-CTS display racks can be obtained through an online store:  These items are also available by calling toll-free: 1-888-615-3186.

“The Vatican sees the need for special efforts to evangelize, which is why it’s establishing a new office to promote evangelization in the universal Church.  CTS and Ignatius Press are doing our part to help parishes bring this effort to the Catholic in the pew and the man on the street,” says Mark Brumley.  “CTS’s extraordinary booklets can become an important element to the New Evangelization in North America.”

What Some Others Are Saying About CTS’s Program

“The booklets are very easy to read and beautifully laid out. The Lives of the Saints and the devotional books are particularly popular in my parish.  The racks work very well as they are unobtrusive, taking up very  little space, yet displaying the publications very well.” —Father Richard Plunkett, Saints John Fischer and Thomas More Church, London

“I strongly recommend endorse the work of CTS for every parish.  It is simply in a class of its own.” —Father Paul Dobson, St. Timothy’s Parish, Orangeville, Ontario

To request an interview with Father Joseph Fessio or Mark Brumley of Ignatius Press, or Fergal Martin of Catholic Truth Society, regarding this new Ignatius Press-CTS evangelization program, please contact: Rose Trabbic, Publicist, Ignatius Press, (239)867-4180 or

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