Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Father John Corapi: the days to be a lukewarm Catholic are rapidly coming to an end

by Patrick Novecosky

ST. LOUIS, May 4, 2010 ( - Speaking to a crowd of more than 7,000 faithful during an intense day-long event in St. Louis on Saturday, renowned Catholic preacher Fr. John Corapi warned, "The day for fence-sitting is over; the days to be a lukewarm Catholic are rapidly coming to an end."

In a wide-ranging discourse, sponsored by the international Catholic businessmen's organization Legatus, Corapi called Christians to task for dropping the ball and losing the culture to "neo-pagan" elements.

"The unraveling of Christianity has led to the unraveling of the world," he explained. "We are at war [for souls], so we don't have the luxury to sit on our complacent rear ends."

Urging attendees to examine the current political climate, he said that "socialism is not in conformity with biblical teaching. Socialism doesn't profit the poor, but only brings poverty and misery. Socialism is about the seizure of power. It only brings everyone down to the lowest common denominator."

In his final segment, Fr. Corapi said that in all of his years as a priest, he's never seen such fear in people. "There's a lot of anxiety, a lack of trust in government, elected and appointed officials. There's a crisis of trust," he said. Then quoting from the Gospels of Mark and Luke, he advised "fear is useless; what is needed is trust."

Fr. Corapi's biography on his website states that his life experiences went "From small town boy to the Vietnam era US Army, from successful businessman in Las Vegas and Hollywood to drug addicted and homeless, to religious life and ordination to the priesthood by Pope John Paul II, to a life as a preacher of the Gospel who has reached millions." Corapi regularly appears on the EWTN television network.


Anonymous said...

Ok, totally stupid and unrelated, but is it just me or does Father Corapi's facial hair keep getting darker and darker with time?

Anonymous said...

Father Corapi Rocks!!!

belinda said...

Fence sitting is coming to an end?
Good !!
I've grown weary of the lukewarmers. Thanks be to God.

Terry Nelson said...

Scuppered - I'll bet it's just for men, not just you.

Anonymous said...

I love Fr. Corapi, and courageous Priests like him who speak the flat-bang truth without compromise, without fear of man. We need more bishops like that. Let's pray!

fatima chundung pam said...

Father i thank God for your witness and message which is like fresh water in a dry desert.I pray that Our Holy Mother will shelter you in the refuge of her Holy love.i love you Father