Friday, May 7, 2010

50th Anniversary of the Pill

From Belinda:

Do you take this stuff for non-medical reasons and still present yourself worthy of communion?

Perhaps you could re-think that decision.

I can't think of anything that has changed our world around us more than those little pills. They've  rocked our church, our marriages and our economy and no one seems to give them a second thought, in  fact I only hear good things about them.

I warn you though, Christ decides who gets to be made, who gets to be born, and when we are to die.
 Humans are not qualified to make decisions that come from the mind of God.


belinda said...

Thanks Vince for linking to me.

No one will like me now for sure.

That post was the nail in my blogger coffin. I'm waiting for the hate mail.

I hope men don't forget that they also will be held accountable.

Vincenzo said...

I just voted for you.

belinda said...

Thanks Vince, your always so nice to me.

Oh no! I forgot about the voting and I posted stuff that will make people vote BACKWARDS! Darn!

It will be like over on youtube when people vote minus -342
Birth control and hell just aren't that funny. Darn! hahahaha