Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit


US President Barack Obama (left) welcomes Chinese President Hu Jintao to the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC.


belinda said...

He makes me so angry. I hardly ever pray for him... then I feel bad.

I wanna tell you a story...
but you hafta keep it to yourself, shhhh.....

I spoke to my brother in law the other day and when the last supreme court judge was nominated the white house hauled my brother in law in for some kind of three day chat- strategy meeting I think ... I forgot to ask him but I doubt if he actually spoke with the president, but probably with his advisers.. anyway I was speaking to my bro over the phone a night ago and I complained about Obama and he said to me, "He's the Antichrist!" I said, "Nah, but I'm sure they're close personal friends...I was stunned by his comment because he doesn't generally speak about religious matters. (Unless I make him ;)hahahaha

I forgot to inquire further because I was more interested in my brother in law than his job, but now I'm dying to know what kind of inside information he has and why he feels that way... I suspect this whole Obama thing is far worse when your up close and personal. I am so scared of Obama and the havoc he's wreaking.
What's up with the bowing and dissing Canada and Israel.. He ticks me off.

Vincenzo said...

Oh ask him about that. I'm reminded of that wonderful reception George W. Bush gave the Holy Father at the White House. Remember? We won't see something like that again any time soon..


belinda said...

The first thing I thought of when my mother in law told us that he was there for three days was what did they feed him. What do you get to eat while your working at the white house. I'm dying to know about the food!!!hahaha

Hey, and so are you , I just know it! ;)

Vincenzo said...

LOL. I'm eating cadbury mini eggs.

belinda said...

I'm eating sugar snap peas. I worked out today and at my age it's too hard to work this stuff off. I've lost 16 (and a fourth!) pounds and I've made up my mind, I wont die fat. I have many sins I have to answer for but this isn't going to be one of 'em. I can fix this.

I just found a pink sugar cookie in the washing machine. My daughter hid it in her pocket from her brother.

They were amazing cookies. I promised I would make the kids more.

Vincenzo said...

I want some cookies.

belinda said...

Eat a carrot - it's good for you!

I have to clean the upstairs - and listen to youtube real loud.

Vincenzo said...

I ate a radish.
But now I want a cookie.
What do you listen to on youtube?