Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Write a Personal Rule of Life

By at Vivificat:

"Folks, it was years in the making but last year, praised be Jesus and the assistance of the Holy Spirit and thanks to the advice of numerous people, I put together a Personal Rule of Life. I’ve been following it since.

If you want to be holy, you should have one. It doesn’t matter if your write it or not, or how long it is, as long as you have one.

For the nitty-gritty of writing one, please read the following booklet by Fr Michael Woodgate, A Rule of Life for Daily Christian Living. It is published by the Catholic Truth Society. It is filled with lots of valuable advice and insight on how to put one together. Creating A Rule of Life by Dr. Joe Colletti is also a worthy essay on the subject. There’s a good one too from the Episcopalian Benedictines at Washington’s National Cathedral, Creating a Rule of Life.

I also humbly offer my own Rule of Life in PDF..."

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Teófilo de Jesús said...

Thanks for the quote and the link! I really appreciate it.