Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Fr. Ray Blake:

"The problem is there is going to be no end to this, it is going to get worst, journalists smell blood, there are going to be more revelations. In England the sophisticated now come out with the same rants against the Church, as the Orange Order or the Protestant Truth Society might have done 50 years ago. It is open season on the “whore of Rome”. In other parts of Europe the old anti-clericalism will arise again.

In Germany and Austria marginal members of the Church are leaving in their thousands, by declaring they will no longer pay “Church Tax”. In Ireland there is a campaign to remove names from baptismal certificates by signing a formal declaration of “opting out”. The faithful are shaken, they will gather in the shadow of the Cross or leave.

During his time as Prefect of the CDF the Pope often spoke of the Church of the future being smaller but more faithful. It looks very much as if that is happening at the moment, the faithful remain, the weak in faith and the unfaithful will depart..."

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Pablo the Mexican said...

Gideon was instructed to pick those soldiers that lay on their stomachs and lapped up the water.

Afterwards they routed the enemy.

Many cry "Lord, Lord!".

Those chosen few left are the real solidiers.

As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.

Padre Blake is well respected by us Mexicans. He is a good Priest.

Viva Cristo Rey!