Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ancient crucifix found in Gloucestershire is treasure

A late-Medieval crucifix found in Gloucestershire has been declared treasure by a coroner.
(BBC) The 500-year-old silver pendant was discovered by a man in Yanworth, near Cirencester, in June 2009.

It depicts Christ on the front flanked by the Virgin Mary and John the Evangelist and on the reverse, St Christopher carrying the Christ Child.

Cirencester's Corinium museum hopes to buy the cross, which is now being valued by independent auctioneers.

Kurt Adams, finds liaison officer for Gloucestershire and Avon, said: "Finds such as this silver cross are a very rare finds, especially when considering this object is a truly exceptional example of the Medieval jewellers' art and would represent a very significant loss for the owner."

The 1996 Treasure Act legally obliges finders of historic metal objects to report their discovery to the local coroner who determines whether or not it constitutes treasure.
Finders and landowners are eligible for a reward.

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