Friday, March 19, 2010

The Cross that Came Alive to Padre Pio

From Orbis Catholicus:


Before, during and after that experience he always prayed before this crucifix located in the choir loft of the Franciscan church of San Giovanni Rotondo.

This photo was taken in nearby Foggia, at the old Franciscan parish where Padre Pio lived for some time.


Pablo the Mexican said...

Dear Mr. Vincenzo,

Do you happen to know anything about Father Leo Francis McNamara, deceased in 1978?

He had the stigmata.

A thalydomide baby was brought to him with flippers for arms and legs. After the Priestly blessing "Benedicat Vos, omnipotent Deus...", the child awoke the next day with arms and legs.

He also had a bleeding crucifix.

Happy Feast of Saint Joseph.


Vincenzo said...

Thank you, no I'm not aware of him and hadn't heard that story.
Happy Feast to you too,

belinda said...

I love Padre Pio so much. I once had a dream about him (a few times actually) and once where I was walking around the Abbey looking for him to thank him for praying for my daughter but I was turned away by the other men who lived at the Abbey. I woke up sad. BUT the cool part is that when I watched a documentary about him over on youtube the place looked like the place I dreamt about. Cool!!

Vincenzo said...

Very cool Belinda.