Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Archbishop Dolan Not in Favor of Denying Communion to Pro-abortion Politicians

NEWS10's John McLoughlin asked Archbishop Dolan if he favored denying the Church's Sacraments to politicians, like Governor David Paterson, who are Roman Catholic but also pro-choice and pro-gay marriage. The prelate acknowledged that some of his fellow bishops might favor such a ban, but Dolan said he does not, preferring to follow the lead of Popes John Paul II and Benedict the Sixteenth, who said it was better to try to persuade them than to impose sanctions.

h/t to Catholic World News

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swissmiss said...

I guess this begs the question, "Then when is it proper to deny Communion to anyone who is publicly in grave sin or supports anti-Catholic positions?" Not saying the Bishop is wrong, just wondering where his line in the sand is.