Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kwik Save tycoon gives up riches in 'pact with God'

Albert Gubay, the multi-millionaire Kwik Save tycoon, has given his vast business empire to charity to fulfil a “pact with God” that he made as a young man struggling to earn a living

By Heidi Blake

Albert Gubay
Albert Gubay amassed his riches after founding the Kwik Save supermarket chain in 1965 Photo: LIVERPOOL POST & ECHO
The devout Roman Catholic vowed to hand over half his fortune to the Church if he ever became rich when he was working as a penniless sweets-seller in Wales after the Second World War.
Instead, at the age of 82, he has fulfilled the deal by giving almost his entire £480 million estate to a new charitable foundation, keeping less than £10 million to see out his old age...

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