Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feast of St. Agnes at St. Agnes Church in Minnesota

From the New Liturgical Movement:

We were very pleased to be passed along these photos today from the feast of St. Agnes at St. Agnes Catholic Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was offered in accordance with the modern Roman liturgy.

The celebrant is Rev. John Ubel, pastor of St. Agnes, and the music for the Mass was the Saint Cecilia Mass by Gounoud. Mass was celebrated ad orientem and in Latin with vernacular readings -- the usual fare at St. Agnes for their primary Sunday Mass and for feast days.


swissmiss said...

V: These pics were taken by Chris Grabow and posted on the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale Facebook site (in case anyone wants to check out her FB page) and then found their way to TNLM. Way cool pics...wish I would've been there!

Chris said...

thanks SwissMiss! :)