Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Bitter Pill's Bizarre Report on Medjugorje & Cardinal Schonborn & The Pope


CATEGORY: SESSIUNCULAFr. John Zuhlsdorf @ 5:19 pm

And now for one of the most absurd interpretations of news you will ever read.

This is either pure ignorance or deliberate misdirection.

Either way it is from RU-486 (aka The Bitter Pill aka The Tablet).


Church in the World
Schönborn says Pope might visit Medjugorje [And I might become the next Archbishop of Southwark.]
Christa Pongratz-Lippitt9 January 2010

A cardinal close to Benedict XVI has signalled his support for the controversial Marian shrine of Medjugorje. [Does that sound even slightly plausible?]
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna indicated that Pope Benedict himself might one day [] visit the spot where the Virgin Mary is believed [by fewer and fewer] to have appeared to a group of local children. Speaking on his return from a three-day visit to the shrine in Bosnia at the turn of the year, he told journalists in Vienna that the time had come to integrate the “Medjugorje phenomenon” into the Church’s ordinary pastoral work.

Asked in an interview with the Bologna-based daily Il Resto di Carlino what he would tell Pope Benedict XVI about the trip, he said: “The Pope does not need my advice. [Therefore….?] He knows very well how important the Virgin Mary is for the Catholic Church and he is a fervent devotee. [My heavens… did Card. Schonborn really say that? Was he addressing elementary schoolchildren at the time?]
He has visited many Marian shrines and I think one day he might even come here.” [And I might one day visit Kinshasa.] He added that Medjugorje could “become something very important and profound”.

The cardinal’s support comes as a surprise to many who have observed the wrangling over the shrine. The local Franciscan community believes the visions are genuine while the local bishop of Mostar, Ratko Peric, has been highly critical....