Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Men Behind The Global Warming Conspiracy (According to Jesse Ventura?)

by F. Swemson

Is this Man the Evil Genius Behind the Greatest Hoax of All Times?

Dr. Ed Berry, an Atmospheric Physicist who runs a website called Climate just sent me a You Tube video that’s pretty darn interesting.

Apparently Jesse Ventura has a TV show called “Conspiracy Theory” that I’ve never previously heard of, which recently did an expose on the real powers behind the Global Warming Hoax. While every instinct I have tells me that the show, which has the look and feel of a cheesy tabloid, cannot be taken seriously, Ed Berry and I are in agreement that the conclusions of this show seem solid. Interviews with Lord Monckton and Dr. Richard Lindzen, are featured in the show, which also lends substantial credibility as well.

Its premise, that the entire Global Warming scam is the product of a conspiracy in pursuit of money and power, is not at all outrageous when you stop to consider the fact that world leaders, in cahoots with the UN, have indeed been working hard to sell the public on a totally phony theory, based on a political rather than a scientific agenda. Rather than focusing on just the political side of the issue (their desire to control the entire world through a single world government,) the show also focuses on the financial side of the scam, and follows the money trail back to its roots.

Al Gore it seems, isn’t the only one in this scam who’s in it for the money. After watching the video I did a little research on the central figure, the former UN official who’s currently hiding out in Beijing, Maurice Strong, and found some other links that confirm the video’s conclusions, the first linking Strong to George Soros, and the other to Barack Obama who it seems was involved in the creation of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Isn’t it interesting how much fraud and corruption seems to be able to trace its roots back to Chicago?

I still have doubts about Ventura however. In the video he refers to Gore as a friend of his, and even says, near the beginning that he himself believes in Global Warming. For the moment though, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that he was referring to the fact that the earth has indeed been warming from the end of the Little Ice Age to 2002, rather than the idea that the rise in temperatures was caused by man’s use of fossil fuels.

Note: Dr. Berry’s website Climate is an excellent place to learn more about the Global Warming scam. In the near future Ed will be debating the science of Global Warming with a prominent individual from academia who supports the AGW movement. I’ll post an update on this debate here on NewsReal to let you know when it’s going to begin. It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure!


Jeff Miller said...

Ventura is also a 911 Truther so no surprise he has a show called Conspiracy Theory. Maybe at least he is getting the Global Warming Hoax correct.

belinda said...

I was watching a video of the Chicago worlds fair in 1893 and listening to how corrupt their leaders were. My husband said, "it's still like that today"
I said, "I bet your right, Obama has Chicago ties right?"

Our government is wicked to the core, but when you call them on it your labled a conspiricist or a nut. If 1/4 of what they say is true then we're in big trouble.