Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cardinal Mahony replacement chosen, announcement to be made soon

by Thomas Peters on January 21st, 2010

I am hearing, on reliable authority, that the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, has approved a coadjutor bishop recently selected for him by the Holy See. This news – and the name – will be publicly announced “soon.”

This new bishop, once announced and appointed, will automatically succeed Mahony as the Archbishop of Los Angeles as soon as Mahony retires, presumably before Mahony’s mandatory retirement at age 75 (February 27, 2011). Mahony has said that the current class of seminarians will be the last one he personally ordains.

Some of the faculty at St. John’s Seminary – where new priests for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles are trained – have expressed concern that the new coadjutor bishop will lean more “conservative” than his predecessor, and some have even threatened to resign or retire if this turns out to be the case.

Amid speculation about who has been chosen as the next Archbishop of LA and when he will be announced, let’s remember to keep the faithful of the Archdiocese in our prayers, and pray especially for a smooth transition in the coming months.

-- Vincenzo note: The World Over on EWTN just (8:10 PM) mentioned this American Papist Report, and the Diocese denial.

updateLos Angeles spokesman denies Cardinal Mahony claim (and Thomas responds)

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Dominic Mary said...

I am sure that Cardinal Mahony is - personally - a good man; but his departure cannot come too soon for Los Angeles.

When I lived there, the whole area was rife with the most appalling liturgical abuses, the religious life was in (shall we say) some disarray, and the general atmosphere was one of total dissociation from Rome.

If the appointment of a 'conservative' will cause some of the faculty of S. John's to resign/retire, then perhaps Fr Finigan should be appointed with a remit to use only the Extraordinary Form - the resulting lemming-like departure of faculty members could only benefit the Archdiocese !

Please remember Los Angeles, and the Church there, in your prayers.