Saturday, August 16, 2008

Magazine cleared of 'bigotry,' now facing 2nd hearing

Homosexual activist alleges reports on 'gay' issues are discriminatory

A Christian publication already cleared by the Canadian Human Rights Commission on claims its reporting on issues involving homosexuality stem from "bigotry, discrimination and hate" will have to defend itself – again – from the same charges.

Officials with Catholic Insight have confirmed homosexual activist Rob Wells, whose earlier allegations against the publication were rejected, has appealed to the Federal Court in Canada.

"On Aug. 12, Toronto-based Catholic Insight and its editor Father Alphonse de Valk received notification that Wells had filed an appeal … with the Federal Court of Canada. Wells is requesting that the appeal be heard in Edmonton," the magazine said in an announcement.

It had been only a month earlier that the Canadian Human Rights Commission notified Catholic lnsight the charges of "bigotry, discrimination and hate" raised by Wells had been dismissed.

The reason given was that Catholic Insight's reporting was determined not "likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt based on sexual orientation."

"Catholic Insight and its editor will be required to defend themselves in yet another proceeding. We will be obliged, once again, to engage more of our time and finances to defend against what can be seen as harassment by a person or persons unhappy with Catholic Insight's editorial stance in opposition to same-sex 'marriage' and the resulting drive for equality of the homosexual lifestyle in schools and elsewhere. It is frankly astonishing that more Canadians do not recognize the negative impact such complainants have on what should be the expression of ideas in our current culture," the magazine said in its announcement...


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Blazingcatfur said...

You will also be interested in Catholic Insight being put on a Heritage Canada watch list for communicating Church doctrine.