Sunday, August 3, 2008

Last Ice Age happened in less than year say scientists

Published Date: 02 August 2008
THE last ice age 13,000 years ago took hold in just one year, more than ten times quicker than previously believed, scientists have warned.

Rather than a gradual cooling over a decade, the ice age plunged Europe into the deep freeze, German Research Centre for Geosciences at Potsdam said.

Cold, stormy conditions caused by an abrupt shift in atmospheric circulation froze the continent almost instantly during the Younger Dryas less than 13,000 years ago – a very recent period on a geological scale.

The new findings will add to fears of a serious risk of this happening again in the UK and western Europe – and soon...

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swissmiss said...

It's funny when the talk about global warming started I kept telling my husband that the scientists I heard lecturing at the U Dub were talking about another ice age instead of global warming! Guess they can't agree if we're going to roast or freeze. Makes it hard to know what to stock up on...socks or shorts!