Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New York senator: ‘my priest embraced me’ after voting for gay ‘marriage’

NEW YORK CITY, July 12, 2011 ( – State Senator Jim Alesi told a crowd gathered to celebrate the passage of same-sex “marriage” in New York that his priest embraced him and gave him Holy Communion when he attended Mass after voting to pass the legislation.

The event at which the senator spoke was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign, and took place in Manhattan four days after the New York Senate voted to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

After taking the microphone to loud applause and shouting, Alesi told the revelers, “that’s exactly what it sounded like when I went to Mass Sunday.”

“I went to Mass Sunday in my church and I was so warmly received. It doesn’t matter what religion you are, but I know in my religion, when I went up to receive Communion, my priest embraced me,” he said.

Alesi represents the 55th District of New York, which is in the Diocese of Rochester..

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A Secular Franciscan said...

The article failed to note that the church Alesi attends is Spritus Christi, a schismatic church. The "priests" there are Father James Callan, suspended and excommunicated more than a decae ago in part becuase he blessed gay unions, and the Reverend Mary Rammerman, a woman "priest." The church is neither Roman Catholic nor part of the diocese of Rochester.