Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ivan of Medjugorje's Public Apparitions Cease For a While

"Until he is told otherwise, visionary Ivan Dragicevic will not have weekly public encounters with the Virgin Mary on the top of Apparition Hill in Medjugorje. For an unknown length of time the extra apparitions will be private and exclusively attended by the members of Ivan’s prayer group.

For pilgrims visiting Medjugorje during Summertime, the Virgin Mary’s public apparitions to visionary Ivan Dragicevic on the top
of Podbrdo Hill are a much sought out attraction. But as of July 4th this attraction has temporarily come to a halt.
'After Ivan’s apparition with the prayer group on July 4th, Our Lady told him that for now on, until she lets him know, the apparitions with the prayer group won’t be on the Hill or at Blue Cross but only private and for now, once a week', Ivan’s US appearance organizer Ana Shawl tells in an e-mail to the members of IIPG, the internet arm of Ivan’s prayer group..."

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Aged parent said...

It is really sad, and disturbing, that this diabolical farce is still going on and that so many good people have been hoodwinked by this. Even the sheer comedy of Our Lady appearing daily, with matinee and evening performances, does not seem to enter into the logic processes of those who support this.

This whole charade was debunked in 1981, at its very beginning, by such brilliant minds as the late Hamish Fraser, the late Brother Francis, MICM and the brilliant Frere Michel. Some years later it was soundly debunked - again - by the late Michael Davies. Yet the facts never seem to enter into the consciousness of those who are wrapped up in this nonsense. Even the condemnation by the competent ecclesiastical authority can't stop these horrors from continuing.

Since everything else has failed to put an end to the Medjugorje fiasco, maybe we could just try appealing to common sense. But that probably won't work either.