Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Contraception Deception

Deceit … conspiracy … treachery … all fitting words for what was happening behind the scenes in the Catholic Church as the issue of Contraception overwhelmed the Church 50 years ago.

Welcome to Catholic Investigative Agency … and The Contraception Deception!

Hello … I’m Michael Voris … This is Catholic Investigative Agency.

What would you say if you were to hear that western civilization is living a lie … and it isn’t a small lie … in fact it is a lie that is literally killing us.

It’s the lie that contraception is good … that it's good for couples … good PUBLIC policy … good government policy … good for nations and its good for humanity.

In the last hundred years the world has gone from a near total rejection to a near total embrace of contraception and birth control.

Throughout this program we will be showing why contraception is not good for couples, or policy, or for nations, or for humanity … in fact it is evil.

But first … our thesis statement …

Modern man has divorced sex from procreation through his embrace of contraception...

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