Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Please Pray for Linda Tamburino - she's being moved to hospice"

Posted on Tuesday, November 02, 2010 4:59:27 PM by firerosemom

"Hello all - an update on Linda Tamburino: she has gone downhill fast. Radiation and chemo haven't worked - she was scheduled for surgery first on Friday and then yesterday, but her platelets and hemoglobin never got back up to pre-chemo numbers, so they're out of treatment options. She is being moved to hospice. I ask for your prayers again - also - she has specifically offered up her suffering for priests and seminarians, so if you could pass along the word to any priests and/or seminarians you know to pray for her and her husband Bob, and their two college-age children, Kendra and Eric, it would be so much appreciated. Caringbridge dot org has a guestbook and log if you wanted to look at her progress, but really right now prayers are what's wanted. Thanks again in advance.."


belinda said...

I'll pray.

Kathryn said...

Prayers for Linda and her family.